HELLO! We are Happy You Are Here!

Shane and Meagen Johnson are the perfect couple you’d want to go out with on a double date. They love to laugh, enjoy life and they may even pick up your half of the tab (if Shane’s feeling generous). Meagen is an athlete. Shane is not. Meagen has ambition. Shane has Ambien. But they both love fitness and endurance sports- Meagen participating, and Shane spectating. Meg is a marketing nerd. Shane plays the guitar. Meg hates vegetables. Shane will eat broccoli.

One thing they both are on the same page is their love for being socially snarky. From this “fun friction” they created The Blister, a shop dedicated to the love of edgy expression but in good taste. From endurance sports to pop culture to everyday attitude, The Blister has expressions that you may have not realized you needed. 

We have put a lot of time into designs we think you'll love! Thank you so much for loving our products and being a huge part of our story! We are so grateful for you.


Shane & Meg